What Will it Cost?

All plans include powerful features:

Frequently asked questions

Is the 30 day trial free?

Yes! The 30 day free trial offer is free, you can create forms and take payments and can access all of the tools in a full-featured account.

Do you offer pricing for non-profits?

We offer an additional discount off all annual plans. You’ll need to pay for the year upfront. Access the discount on our

payments page


What methods of payment are accepted?

All plans are paid via credit card and in GBP. If you pay annually for an amount over £10,000 GBP you can request to pay by invoice by talking to our team.

What is VIP support?

VIP Support means we will answer you first and prioritize you over others in the queue. There are additional benefits such as backup restoration and access to our highest level of technical support.

What is a contact?

A contact is any person in your database with a unique ID.

Can I upgrade or downgrade later?

Our pricing is not based on the number of contacts in your database. Your price will change as you add features or additional payment forms to your account. You can downgrade anytime on a monthly plan. Annual plans or annual commitments cannot be downgraded until the end of the billing term but can be upgraded anytime.

Are annual plans or annual commitments discounted?

Annual plans are reduced by giving you
2 full months free.

Can I cancel anytime?

Plans can be cancelled at any time. A cancelled plan will not be renewed at the next renewal date.

Optional add-ons

Expert Setup & Training

Get expert training and have our implementation specialists help you configure your account and get your first form set up and on your website. This service includes helping build your first post purchase journeys. This is an optional service. (additional costs may be incurred)

VIP Support

Jump the queue! Get priority support on live chat and email 24 hours a day, 6 days per week. Your chat and email requests will be answered first by our team. This add-on includes backup restoration and access to our highest level of technical support.

Start accepting payments with OnePagePay

One Page Pay helps you to accept payments with your HubSpot or other CRM forms by integrating Your Payment processor (GoCardless, Take Payments, Stripe and PayPal) directly into a single page payment form that automatically captures the details of the sale either to your email or to a CRM.